At times are you feeling distant from God? I know I have. I was challenged to take a moment as to why I felt that way. The reason I was feeling distant was because I was being distant, distant in my relationship with in my praying, meditations and tithing. I seen myself just doing church and not being the church. Its was time to stop walking in the flesh and walk in the spirit. In Psalms 139-:1-24  talks about your path even your right and wrong ways he knows your thoughts, words, and expression. Even through the hell we go through we cant hide, disguise or do anything to hide from him. We need to  know that in him we move and have our being. Remember when Jonah sought to flee from his presence, he only found himself more absolutely and more openly in his presence. We are never out of Gods reach, YOU CAN’ T TELL ME THAT’S NOT LOVE. He loves you so much he besets you( no escape) so you may live victorious. That’s his plan in our life. Jesus has everlasting love for you and continues to draw you to his love, kindness and faithfulness. So turn around, there is  no hiding anyway lol . Just follow him and he will NEVER lead you in the wrong direction. REMEMBER he is always thinking about YOU!!!! Your so Special.

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