There is nothing more powerful than making up your mind. Many times we can be faithful by our presence in God’s house but unfaithful in coming fully under authority of Jesus Christ. On the surface we are doing all the right things, and to everyone looking on, you are all in. But you know in your own heart there are parts of you that are not fully surrendered. When we fully surrender we can find love, peace, safety and blessings for our families and ourselves.  Jeremiah 29:12-14  talks about the benefit of being a fervent prayer. I believe in praying shows a state of surrendering, to be at ease resistant and submit to  authority. When we finally understand that where not in control   he can meet us where we are as a empty vessel. We are lost, confused and hurt  because we trying to do it without him.  That’s why it says 83 times in the bible to seek and find him.  The number 83 means body, substance a member of  Christ. Being in the body or a member does not  required perfection, but integrity and sincerity.  All he is asking us to do is GO  and find what you are searching for in him. All we go through is just a test, the test is  to be faithful, walk in integrity and surrender daily.  Endure all of those things in and you will FIND a made up mind. A MIND OF CHRIST

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