So yesterday we celebrated Independence day and I thought this would be a great day to talk about Freedom. Freedom the ability to move without constraint in the sphere which God made us. Freedom therefore is not inconsistent with limitation and law. God has given us the ability to move but, where will you go, where will you stand. After reading Numbers 2 it discussed Gods orders to each tribe on where to set up the encampment (temporary accommodations consisting of huts or tents,) as a symbol to point to something greater. It was to communicate to Israel something about his intentions. God intends for you be great but will we listen to his instruction  and stay free. Freedom comes with some instructions to follow , your must be commitment, obedient and discipline and you will be free indeed. Furthermore, in Numbers 2  describes the tribes and there location of  the camp ,East meaning home, safety and burden free. The Southside was described as their present dirty condition and the Westside was prosperity and strength. Lastly, there was the Northside where the was redemption and promise. If You Don’t Stand for Something, You’ll Fall for Anything.  So where will you build your camp? Will you just do what you think is right? Or will you trust to know in him that  in live move and have my being.This walk of life if is a journey and God loves us so much despite all our failures.  He knows we will fall short sometimes but its time to MOVE to another Camp!!! AMEN

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