Who enjoys waiting, in lines, traffic, phones and most of all life. How many of us are waiting on an answer  like a job, health or maybe about your family. The world we live in we have grown custom to everything fast because of all new technology and internet. We are able to get information and answers right away.  Well to be honest I am waiting on something that’s why I wrote this post. I didn’t know what to do as I wait on God. Sometimes in our waiting it causes us to become in doubt, discouraged , disappointed, depressed and those feelings come from the devil!! God is putting our Character to the test and it need to be redeveloped because of the things we have been so custom to. Sometimes, we need reminders that delay doesn’t mean denied or know the difference between No and not yet. Waiting is a test of your faith, do you believe that the Lord heard your prayer and loves you so much that he will never leave you or forsake you. Waiting is like being pregnant Paul described in Romans 8: 24-28  the Lord Knows our pregnant position, he knows you feeling some pain, and people maybe even provoking you like Hanna in 1Samuel 1 . What does your waiting room look like.

In Hanna waiting she became physically distraught, she stopped eating, defeated, irritated year after year. These ways are not ways that are pleasing unto God . But then she began to PRAY in her waiting . This was a lament cry (a passionate expression of grief or sorrow) as she began to cling hold to the Father promise. It maybe difficult to wait but never to stop praying .While we are waiting we need to remember  in your sowing it take time for your reaping, its a process. Harvesting doesn’t happen overnight. Also remember that God is preparing you for this blessing. What do you do when your going through hell? You have to go through, press forward through the unseen spiritual battle that is going on. ( Daniel 10: 11-13). The Waiting is the test, God will do the rest.  Its time to have GREAT Faith like in Matthew 15:28. The Longer we wait, the larger we become and the more joyful our expectancy is. WAIT WELL!! JUST KNOW YOUR EXPECTING A MEGA BLESSING.

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