There are many people who have lost their vision. There are many people who don’t know where they’re going. Do you know where you are going? Wow, when I was asked that question I truly needed to think about it. Sometimes, I feel like I’m going in the right direction then these road blocks of life hit me and at times has me second guessing, doubting and even worried. I think we all have been there before a time or two. If not careful, we will be satisfied with just partial of what God has for us and that gives us some ability to see , but not clarity about what you’re supposed to do. As I read Mark 8:22-26 gave me great understand of how God works in our life in different degrees and measures of our faith. Sometimes he is just waiting on us to believe in the little he has shown us so he can bless you fully. In Mark 8:22-26 and Proverbs 29:19 Jesus is giving us instruction and directions on how to follow him. When we are obedient  we can walk in joy, blessings and the light. The Lord is trying to take us from our old way of  seeing and get us to  his vision. Get us out of your comfort zone so we can be , humble, be OBEDIENT. Sometimes we miss the blessing and the vision because we cant be governed we cant be reined and grounded.  We are  walking in confusion, disorder and rebellion but desire change. Having vision is a sign of spiritual growth from Darkness, glimmer light and bright vision. Having vision shows us that we can and must be taught and instructed by degrees. So we wont become so overwhelmed in our ways of thinking.  So where are you GROWING back to Bethesaida or towards the CHRIST.



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