I remember when I was 18 years old at a Christian College I wanted to continue to play basketball but there was a time where I was struggling with my breathing. I’ve had this issue before and ever since then happened  year-after-year year. They would say that I just had asthma so finally they gave me an asthma pump. So as I’m in college and I was prescribed this I had another I guess asthma attack or breathing attack andI took my triggered my heart attack .At the age of 18 it was very difficult to hear that. Because im  by myself in college and then I had to go into minor surgery so they can figure out what caused the heart attack because they couldn’t figure out the problem so they had to go inside and figure out what was going on. So they find out my heart my arteries were pinched and on the wrong side and cause me to have that heart attack. So I had the surgery and it was devastating, scary, sad you name it, I was that.  I’m now 19 with heart issues and having to go into surgery was just a lot to take in but just after that every year with something dealing with my health. After I had a child I had a heart attack again heart failure and preeclampsia then I would always have allergic reactions that the doctors couldn’t find out and I will go into cardiac arrest almost every day for the past couple 6 months. I know you guys are like words to testimony.  I was sick always for like. 3 years and I couldn’t get better but this is the year 2017 or I haven’t been sick at all. But I can honestly say this is the year I really truly I felt that I really gave my heart to the Lord and the number 17 symbolizes overcoming the enemy complete victory. I’m just thankful that I have overcome the enemy that he was trying to get me down through my sickness and defeat and depression.I mean I suffered so much mentally and physically that it could have kept me down and this is why I’m writing this post this blog to just encourage people that the enemy is out there to kill steal and destroy us mentally and physically. He will TRY to attack your family your friends your faith your  body every aspect in your life but you can’t allow him to do that. We have power and the victory in JESUS. You can overcome sickness you can overcome doubt and depression and fear and anger all those things but only through Jesus. I come to tell you that Jesus is your only way you’re only answer the only way that can help you. The only way that it helped me I couldn’t do it on my own the doctors couldn’t help me they didn’t have the answers they didn’t have the Necessities that I really truly need to be free from sickness free from confusion free from depression it was Jesus. So I want to encourage other people to testify of what God has truly done for them and what’s he can continue to do. He tested you and I that’s what testimonies are about how God brought you through and how he will continue to bring you through and how he will continue even to test you.  But he test you because he knows you can endure he won’t put more on you than you can bear it might seem like a lot you but go  through the fire and come out as gold.